Friday, December 19, 2008

a misplaced wish

i looked up to the sky one night
gazed up beyond and far
there greeted me by its brilliant light
an inviting wishing star

it called for me to divulge to it
my very deepest desires
just make a wish with pure intent
that's all that it requires

"please send me someone i can love
one who's deserving of me
someone whose life i am a part of
a companion,
" i wished earnestly

lonely years passed by since that night
i submitted my heart's petition
but the heavens seemed deaf to my plight
and noticed not of my position

the truth then struck me, cold and cruel
why my wish failed to ignite
it left me feeling like a total fool...

...because i wished on a satellite


i went out to my car to grab something, when i just looked up and caught sight of a star in the sky. i remember thinking how bright it was before i took a second look and realised it wasn't twinkling.

it was a satellite.

then it crossed my mind how funny it would be if someone did the whole "star light, star bright" exercise with a satellite, only to not have their wish come true.

hence, the above poem was birthed.

i had fun writing it, however nonsensical it is. =)

lishun at 12:00 AM