Tuesday, December 09, 2008


i'm suffering from a hangover from having too much fun over the weekend. gah.

the saints (and friends) went marching into everyone's favourite historical city on saturday for 24 hours of each other's company! of course there was food and karaoke involved. we had cendol and mee siam and nyonya food that took ages and we almost had satay celup and we bought pineapple tarts...and we took poser photographs and shopped (!) and bumped into people we didn't expect to bump into and we sang karaoke and were emo emo...

in the end we left with stuffed stomachs and pleasant memories and new friends.

it's been some time since i've felt the most at ease, the most like myself. it's strange because it's been 4 years (oh em gee) since i left jc and every time i hang out with them, it's like there's no 4-year lapse at all. on the other hand, i sometimes feel as if i'm studying with strangers in my uni.

anyway, i have a hangover now. i went to the ward today, clerked one patient, looked through a couple of files and just wished i could replay the weekend.

how on earth am i gonna get through this afternoon's clinic session?! gah.


easy...get sick and stay home. bleurgh.

lishun at 10:28 AM