Saturday, December 20, 2008


so, i got my hard disk back a couple of weeks ago. i was supposed to load it up with episodes of heroes and house, but that didn't happen. sigh. anyway, i wanted to get a couple of photographs developed to put on my walls and ended up looking through my entire archive, laughing and emo-ing at the same time. i realised that most of them have been spared from blog/facebook exposure, so i shall bring 'em out. gradually.

these are from just one subfolder of many folders and subfolders. it's gonna be a long series, y'all.

segamat, with pantai medical relief team - sem3 electives

this was the trip that got my name into the pbl trigger on community medicine and disaster relief. haha. if there are any "younger" imu students reading this, i wonder if you can recognise one of your colleagues in this montage...

vday baking with sueann and lil - february '07

it was the holidays. we were bored. valentine's day was coming up. so we thought...why not bake cookies? what proceeded was 4 hours of really hard work and a couple of tupperwares of shortbread (too easy to make!), ready to be distributed to a select few people. i ended up eating most of mine. haha.

discipleship retreat - june(?) '07

i think it was in june, because we celebrated merr's birthday and her birthday's in june. hmm. actually for the life of me i can't remember exactly when we went. haha. we were in my favourite historical city for 2 days of food and shopping, not unlike my recent gallivant there. i have nothing but fond memories of this. =)

kuala kubu baru - sem4

this will be remembered as the posting where we spent most of our time ignoring sister rita, playing mahjong, watching world cup matches on the tiny tv at the nurses' hostel and going into the wards looking like zombies. it was fab! =)

su leen's wedding - july '07

the bride now has a baby girl who looks exactly like her husband! hehe. thanks for letting me be part of your wedding, su leen. it was an absolutely gorgeous day and i had fun serving as an usher. i even made a new friend that day. hi cat!

m207 orientation - sem5

i don't recall much about this orientation, mainly because i was busy with a whole host of other things and was struggling with sem5. i manned a station with cf during the epic treasure hunt, where we made the freshies blow out candles and sing songs. very toned-down, i know, but the feedback was that they still had fun!

so that's it for the first of many many lookbacks. very appropriate for the year end, huh? reminiscing is an essential ingredient of december. lalala.

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