Friday, December 26, 2008

it's boxing day. and i have to go to the bank. whee! but before i do...

misc events - august '07

i miss the many many events in imu bukit jalil. in seremban, everyone's just that little more stressed, we have a greater workload and no one's really interested in organising events or even attending them. it's pretty sad. but i guess the larger number of students in bj makes a difference.

maria's farewell - august '07

for 20 years of my life, i did not have any domestic help. when my grandmother became ill in 2005, my parents hired a maid to help look after her. maria arrived just after my grandmother died. well, she helped us out for 2 years anyway, giving my mother much relief. we were quite sad when she decided not to extend her contract, so we took her to port dickson a couple of weeks before she left.

dive in - september '07

this was the only "dive in" that i stayed for the entire duration. i particularly enjoyed the session on media and its dangers. it was very enlightening! also, it was the first event i was assigned to take photographs for. of course, almost everything was unusable, but it was a good experience nonetheless!

prophetic meeting - september '07

i can't remember the name of the speaker. oops. i was also assigned to cover this event, and i picked up a few good pointers from my friends through this event. =)

christmas '07

the life of an usher - a blur of handshakes and smiles. and lots of babies to play with. hehe.


more lookbacks soon! =)

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