Saturday, December 27, 2008

just yesterday, almost everyone in my discipleship group said that 2008 has been a year that has passed much too quickly. i can't agree more. most of what's happened this year was a blur. clinical school, new life group, friends i had to say goodbye all went by so fast.

sigh. see what a lookback does to me? ok, let's just get it on...

post-imucrc party - october '07

the charity run was possibly the biggest event i have ever been involved in. it took a year to plan, involved an inter-faculty committee, tonnes of volunteers, goodness knows how many sponsors, several hundred participants...and we raised RM80k, a good 30 grand more than the target amount. it was due reason for celebration, no?

m205 farewell - jan '08

it was a bittersweet end to 2 1/2 years, but i was glad it was over. i miss my friends, yes, but i love clinical school so much more...despite the daily feeling of stupidity. anyway, we had a lovely party to end phase 1 and i was proud of how the convocation magazine turned out. i guess writing and editing are still my favourite things.

joanne's 22nd - jan '08

joanne is the nicest, sweetest, most altruistic person i know. she's sincere, helpful, and one of my favourite people. to demonstrate what a lovely person she is, lemme tell you how we celebrated her bday. we had lunch and had to fight her off the bill...and she subsequently bought us ice cream at haagen daz. what on earth.

family medicine - may '08

family medicine is no joke. it's such a broad field of medicine that i can hardly recall half of what i learnt during my 7 weeks last semester. i did have fun during the clinic postings though. these pics were taken while deb and i were goofing off learning stuff at the occupational therapy department.

marie digby showcase - may '08

gary, his girlfriend, keat how and i actually drove all the way up to 1 utama from seremban in the middle of the week just to catch this showcase. giler. it was a fun night, although i was waaaaaaay above the stage and they were somewhere in the crowd below. she's quite bland when playing live. but still pretty.


one more part to go and i'm done.

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