Monday, January 19, 2009

memory jog

remember primary school? how about early secondary school? no? let me help you out...


i still think this is one of the best songs from the boyband era of the '90s. as for the clothes...i need to go wash my eyes out. top-to-toe plaid! only in the '90s, only in the '90s...


this cracks me up every single time! yes, ant and dec once performed as "pj and duncan" (bless 'em!) when they weren't busy hosting tv shows. they're really talented presenters. a great team.


lol. i hate the fact that i can still sing every word. oh goodness i need help.

chica cherry cola! 'nuff said.

when i first saw 911, i thought lee was ant (from ant and dec, ref above). haha. this video is so hard to find...even on youtube! and all i can get is this lousy recorded-off-the-telly version. bah. i love 911. they remind me of primary school. i still have their a cassette. haha.

oh and watch out for that very essential part of every '90s boyband music video, the "drenched in water" scene! lol.


girls, don't deny it. you had a crush on kavana. you thought "mfeo" (made for each cheesy is that?!) was a cute acronym. you had a poster of him stuck on your wall with bluetack that left stains on the wall that are still there today. dincha?


i. cannot. believe. this. song. is. ten. years. old! one of the most addictive pop choruses ever, coupled with the compulsory cheesy dance moves. love it!

this was when westlife were a boyband that sang decent songs. to me, westlife = "swear it again" + "flying without wings". i don't care that their covers got them more money and chart success than those two songs...i kinda resent them for not releasing original stuff anymore. good original stuff anyway.


bbmak also recorded a beautiful version of extreme's "more than words" which was an album-only track. however, my favourite would have to be "emily's song", which one of the members wrote for his niece. hmm. i'd go buy their debut album now if i knew where to find it.


now, do you remember? =)

lishun at 5:10 PM