Wednesday, January 14, 2009

tomorrow morning

there are few things i remember more fondly about my time in singapore than the walk from my block to the cafeteria every morning and then, after breakfast, along the corridor to the bus. it marks the first conversation i have every day, my conversation with God as He paints the morning sky. it was a sacred time for me and i loved every moment of it.

these days, i can count the number of times i've watched the sunrise in a month on one hand. i'm either in the hospital before it gets bright or i'm still in bed. in both those cases, they'd be preceded or followed by a mad rush to get ready, no time to stop, say good morning to my heavenly Father or even appreciate His artistic talents in creating a gorgeous sunrise each day.

this morning, i decided to walk to the hospital a little earlier than usual. it wasn't fully bright yet when i left the house and right there in front of me was a spectacular sunrise.

immediately i was brought back to the times in jc2 when i had those quiet communes with God and i realised just how much i missed them. so, i spent the 10-min walk the same way i did many years ago, in conversation with the One i love most.

i think i'll be walking to class again tomorrow morning.

lishun at 10:49 PM