Friday, January 09, 2009


asian parents are the same around the world.

ok fine, that was a generalisation, a sweeping statement that my gp tutor (miss lee how i miss you!) would frown upon and circle with red ink.

but this gem, from, made me laugh so hard i almost fell off the chair:

November 17, 2008

[Eugene is our family's dentist and also someone who went to my high school — I'm 31 now.]

Subject Line: A Matter to Discuss

Leslie, I went to Eugene’s for dental work and he asked about you a lot. Then Eugene’s father asked if we could get together when you are in Ottawa. They really like you. In the past they have hinted and I pretended to be deaf and mute. This time Peter (Eugene’s father) asked with all sincerity. I know how you feel about it and as a parent, I am pretty liberal and do not want to meddle. However I thought that there is no harm if we just have dinner together. You guys went to the same high school and can reminisce about Lisgar. Honesty be told it isn’t a bad thing to have one more friend. No one is expecting anything besides a chance to get together for friendship. You and Eugene are both adults and the old folks (parents) need not have anything to do with it. But I can see that they really want to have a chance to see you again.

Are you OK with a get together or is it completely out of the question?


a couple of months ago, my mother had a similar conversation with me about the above subject. it went something like this:

mum: you know, i have this friend...he has this son...he's studying for his phD now. and my friend knows about you and he's pretty impressed with how smart you are. so we were thinking of just having a cuppa after dinner, you know, so you and his son can meet.
me: mum...
mum: i mean, i'm not expecting you guys to get married or whatever. just a meet up? i mean, worse come to worse you'll gain a friend, right? you can exchange email addresses. that's reasonable, no?

owh. mai. gawd.

so anyway since she and her friend had already made arrangements for our families to, erm, meet, i had no choice but to...well...i had no choice. the day of anticipation came, my mother boiled some water to make tea...

...and during dinner my father received a phone call from the friend saying that he and his son couldn't make it after all.

later that night, while we were watching tv, my father said that he thinks his friend's son must have put up a resistance and that was the real reason they didn't come.

no words could explain the relief i felt. how awkward would that meeting have been?!

anyway, the story in that website just made my day. i'm so glad my parents aren't the only ones that are more anxious than their daughter is about her relationship status.

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