Saturday, January 10, 2009


this morning, i turned on the telly and there was anthony bourdain, sarcastic chef extraordinaire, devouring steamed leeks and chugging wine in the beautiful countryside of san sebastian, basque.

i suddenly felt trapped, suffocated in here in malaysia. the old regret resurfaced and i mourned the years i could have spent somewhere else. i recalled the beautiful photographs of europe my friend huilian took during her 6 months in delft, netherlands...

kinderdijk, netherlands

therme vals, switzerland

cathedrale di santa maria del fiore, florence, italy

venice, italy

casa batlo, barcelona, spain

...and i realised that there is probably no better time than now for me to see the world. but i'm here and i'll be here for a long, long time yet.

sorry, i'm in a "feelingsorryformyself" phase and i'm trying to snap out of it, without much success. it's bad news, considering my finals are in less than a month. sigh.

lishun at 10:48 AM