Monday, January 12, 2009

funny games

pre-exam season is the time where everyone plays the game of "you think you got it bad? i got it worse!". yes, that's right, it's when we all try to top each other on the scale of misery, moaning day and night about how unprepared we are for the upcoming exams.

a sample conversation would go like this:

me: oh man, i still have so much to cover.
brilliant-person-who-is-super-obviously-prepared (bpwisop): well, i didn't study at all for the last 8 days. i had a self-declared holiday. so now i'm superrrrrrrr behind!
me: ...


me: i just wasted the last 2 hours doing miscellaneous nonsense.
bpwisop: 2 hours? how about the last 2 days???
me: (changes topic) how's your hamster doing?

it's hilarious! we all do it! i'm not sure if it's an attempt at being humble or a kiasu thing, but everyone wants to win at that game.

i've pretty much given up trying. no matter what, the bpwisop-s will always be less prepared than everyone else, hence making the string of As they score an undeserved miracle each and every time.

funny, you'd think from the levels of kiasuness, someone would say "yes, i did start my revision at the beginning of the semester and i push myself during all the postings so i do deserve my brilliant results".

but nah. obviously not.

lishun at 11:03 PM