Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the end of idolatry

we have finally come to the end of american idol season 8.

although kris allen was a misjudgment on my part, considering i never anticipated him to make it to this season's finale, i hit the bullseye again with my choices for best performances by the two finalists.

what did adam choose as his encore performance? "mad world" (with some smoke machines and a trench coat thrown in for if he isn't enough of a drama queen already). and what did kris pick for his? "ain't no sunshine".


like i feared, adam outdid kris in the (lacklustre) finale, especially with simon fuller's choice, "a change is gonna come". it reminded me of why i liked adam in the first place although his signature screech got on my nerves towards the end of the song.

as for the traditional (as i recall there wasn't one for clay and ruben and that ended up being the most memorable finale for me) american idol winning song? it was yet another loser, this time courtesy of judge dioguardi. i think it's worse than the stinker that was "do i make you proud". both the boys were off pitch and it was too pop for adam to handle. urgh.

i say america votes for there to never be another american idol finale song. or for kara to never write songs again for that matter.

anyway, my final predictions for american idol season 8 are that glambert's gonna win and danny's album is gonna outsell both kris' and adam's debut records...just you wait!


*add-on @21may: darn you kris for messing up my predictions again! so yes, america has gone the conservative way and cast their votes in favour of squeaky clean acoustic guitar boy kris allen, snubbing drama-mama adam lambert in the process. hah. i knew them americans aren't as liberal as they say they are! anyhoo i don't care. the worst season of american idol (worst because no one in my top 6 won) is finally OVER! can't believe that terrible song's gonna be kris' first single though. urgh.

lishun at 2:46 PM