Thursday, May 28, 2009

smile smile smile

it's the morning after my beloved club threw the european championship away and here i am, waiting for clinics to start in about 30mins. it's a saddddd saddddd day. sigh.

which is why i'm gonna blog about a couple of guys from california who have been making me laugh for a good number of years. if you're an internet pop culture junkie like i am, you'd have probably heard of them - wongfu productions, a team of three talented guys philip wang, wesley chan and ted fu.

i came to know about them when a friend sent me their "yellow fever" short film on youtube 3 years ago. it was about why caucasian guys have no trouble getting asian girls to date them (i think it stems from colonial worship, i dunno) while asian guys don't have that kind of appeal on caucasian girls.

i loved the light-hearted delivery of the topic and the way they made even the most obvious gags seem new. a quick search on youtube revealed a host of music videos they made in college. of course, at the time, they weren't exactly wongfu productions yet (although "yellow fever" was a joint production with all three of 'em), but going into that would involve me cutting and pasting stuff about their background from their website, so i'd rather direct you there instead and spare myself from delivering a history lecture.

anyway, sometime last year they released their "one days: hk" collection of short films, each shot in one day at various locations around hong kong. having lived in hong kong for two years as a kid - old enough to remember stuff but still a kid nonetheless - it was pretty nostalgic to see the island through the eyes of filmmakers who seem to always have a pair of rose-tinted glasses on.

perhaps the most impressive thing about the whole collection is not that they managed to shoot each short in one day, but that they did it very very well! i loved the witty dialogue in each of the ones i've seen (there are two more that are yet to be released) and, of course, the generous servings of sugah with every scene.

well, i have to go off for clinics now, so do amuse yourselves with what wongfu productions has to offer. they managed to put a smile on this disappointed red devils' fan's face, which is nothing short of amazing, so check out their youtube channel here, and i hope it'll put a smile on your face too. =)

lishun at 9:34 AM