Wednesday, June 10, 2009


cf yesterday involved a rather interesting discussion about frustration, anger and the various outlets we resort to letting all that pressure go.

some of us make use of visualising techniques...imagining the problem or the person to be small compared to the immense wonder of the universe. in the end, it'll shrink the situation to minute proportions that aren't worth worrying about. most of us have learned through the years that it's much better to hit a "pause" button (which is situated on our forehead, according to esther!) before we react to the stressor before us. a few of the guys admitted to taking out their frustration in physical ways - hitting walls (!!!), pillows, whatever's in sight - but have since learned that there are healthier ways to deal with frustration.

me? i write, whether on this blog or on scrap paper in the form of letters that will never be sent. the beauty of it all, to me at least, is that i get to express myself in the best way i know how and also retain some physical evidence of my feelings to reflect on later.

my anger dissipates in the process of typing it out and is usually gone by the time i finish editing for sentence structure, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. it gives me time to decide whether i should click "publish post" or save it as a draft. i get an extra couple of seconds to contemplate other options.

but the best thing about it all is that i get to look back on the posts i've written, published or otherwise, later to reflect on them. most of the time, i wouldn't be able to decipher what my cryptic words were referring to, what it was that pissed me off, or even who the offending party was.

it just proves that there really is no point in sweating the small stuff.

anyway, the point of this post was to write off a recent annoyance. i was almost going to blog about it, but once again the editing has worked its wonders and i am no longer (as) annoyed.

hope everyone has a good day today. =)

lishun at 8:17 AM