Monday, June 01, 2009


i took a look at the unpublished entries i wrote, all 120 of them. most were axed because the ideas that led to their existence died out after a couple of sentences, others were deemed too stupid to ever see the light of day.

a minority of posts, however, were saved as drafts because i felt they revealed a little more than they should about my then state of mind. they were cryptic, occasionally laden with emo-ness, and were just that little bit too personal for the public eye.

one of them was this really corny poem i wrote sometime last september. i don't remember who i was referring to. i don't even know what drove me to write it. that's the beauty, or maybe tragedy, of our emotions - they are most intense right at that very moment, and then they fade away. very rarely can we sustain the way we feel without it becoming pathological. it's the perfect example of how temporary, how fickle we are.

anyway, i like it. although i can't remember the context anymore, it's still very..."me".


i will miss you till the next one
after three years, maybe four
shedding tears right till the last day
when i won't see you anymore

maybe distance would be helpful
it may even be the cure
but after history has spoken
i just cannot be sure

your body's standing next to me
but your heart is far away
there's a hollowness to your presence
your restless spirit just won't stay

i will miss you till the next one
but i don't think there will be
another one who'll break my heart
the way you did, unintentionally

lishun at 9:53 PM