Monday, February 15, 2010

i have moved!

i have kept this blog for over 6 years now. it was initially hosted on diary-x, which died a painful death in 2005. i scrambled to save my posts, but only recovered 40% of them. blogspot came to the rescue and i've called this place "home" for the last 5 years.

it is with a heavy heart that i move to i've intended to move for a long, long time but, as i told a friend today, procrastination won.

well, it's time i've won a battle against procrastination.

moving is gonna be difficult, mainly because i put alot of effort into editing this layout. i learnt html because of it, i learnt how to photoshop because of it and it's just comfortable. it represents who i am - meticulous but simple. i like the colours. the mural on the wall in my room was inspired by the swirls on this page.

anyway yes, i shall be blogging on wordpress soon. there are lots of things to do before it can be considered fully operational and it'll take me awhile to get it to look and feel the way i want it to.

after all, this took 5 years.

see you over there at!

lishun at 11:48 PM