Sunday, March 19, 2006

...and so...

...and so we won 3 out of 4. because the powers that be liked us and decided to prove deborah's statement that there will be teams worse than us. she forgot to mention that she can be pretty good too. probably saved our asses, she did.

i know i said that i wish i can take back every word i typed in the last couple of posts, but i really do have to say that at the time i felt terribly wronged.

first of all, i lost something i entrusted to people. i even left instructions as to how i would like it returned. i said that it wasn't its material value that worried me, it was the sentimental value. practically everything was a gift from my sister.

secondly, i felt it was horribly unfair to push me into a situation i was neither prepared for nor comfortable with. even if there were people who came to tell me how they were forced into debating by their teachers or friends, the fact is they still got some training before they had to go into an actual tournament. i felt that whole childish, "this is not what i signed up for!" feeling and you cannot really blame me for freaking out and losing my mind on friday night.

having said that, fine, thank God deborah was right.

actually it's all thanks and praise to God that i even made it through this weekend with my head intact. i felt like ripping my hair off almost every time i thought about how irresponsible people are. i would have rather gouged my eyes out than convince people that assasinating extremist political leaders is justified.

i was praying and pleading for strength and calm throughout the entire weekend, especially after reading motion after incomprehensible motion, and all i can say is that God indeed does not forsake me. no matter how ridiculous my panic and fear can be. praise God!

well, at least i can now add debating to the list of "things-i-can-do-but-just-not-well-enough-to-speak-of", along with cross-stitching, writing slogans and playing handball.

anyway, sem2 starts tomorrow. we'll be having a briefing, an intro lecture and pbl1. sigh. time to get back into the groove of things. right now, i'm gonna go off to watch some telly and catch a footie match as a form of pre-stress destressing. right. seeya.

lishun at 8:25 PM