Saturday, March 18, 2006

headache sial.

i know i've been super grouchy for the past two days. it really isn't my fault that people have pissed me off, though it is my fault for saying, or in this case blogging, things while still caught up in the initial passion.

if there is anything i allow myself to regret - and i don't regret alot of things although there are plenty of things that i could be bitter about - it is spouting words in anger.

anyway, i have a headache at the moment. am overwhelmed by the depth of knowledge required to debate. not that i didn't know, but for someone like me who is a jack-of-all-trades and a trivia mistress, depth isn't exactly something i am used to. i can tell you stupid stuff like why the sky is blue, but ask me about the events leading up to the political unrest in thailand and i'm clueless. gah.

it feels like a bad pre-alevels nightmare...the one where i fall asleep during my gp paper and have to come up with an argumentative essay on the pros and cons of communism in 15 minutes. debating is like that. only it's not a dream.

i'm not sure if everyone feels this, but during every one of the three times i've debated in my whole entire life (and those three times occurred today), i had the most sickening, churning feeling in my stomach. i would be a liar if i told you i liked it. debaters must be super sadists to be able to enjoy the so-called "rush" of out it. gah.

well, to be totally honest, reading up on possible topics for the last round tomorrow is the last thing i want to do right now. my competitive side is telling me to just read something while the really-sleepy-with-headache side of me is saying, "go to bed."

gawd i cannot believe we freaking won 2 rounds lah! good grief.

lishun at 10:24 PM