Tuesday, August 29, 2006

attack of the talented bald men

it all started with chris daughtry.


the 26-yr-old american idol contestant, who was voted off the show waaaaaay too early (bloody americans), was my favourite to win the competition because he had soul, he had class, he had style with his hot...

ms. aguilera's words, not mine.

i mostly liked him because he managed to pull off every performance perfectly and he has a voice tailor-made for rock music. plus the fact that he's a loving husband and father really scored him some extra points in the likeability department. his band, absent element, has some really great stuff too.

then came magni asgeirsson.


"magni-ficent" has now been officially declared as a bad name pun cliche, alongside "cesc fab-ulous" and "ruud awakening", being probably the first non-football-related term to be given that honour.

anyway, here's another bald guy with facial hair, a loving family and a great rock voice. i believe he's doing for rockstar supernova what chris did for american idol and sadly, like chris, he too will be out of the competition long before his exit is due despite absolutely "killing" (to borrow that overused rockstar supernova term) songs that have great melodies.

i still look forward to his gorgeous voice and his fiery performances (even the acoustic version of "the dolphin's cry" had "h-o-t" written all over it) and although i don't see him fronting supernova, i sure hope i get to hear more of this 28-year-old rocker.

the last talented bald man to come along is prasad.


ladies and gentlemen...the current m206 orientation committee president!

he ain't no rocker, but he can sure still kick some ass with his voice. this (recently turned) 19-year-old is part of the trio that finished as the higest ranking malaysian debate team at the asian universities' debate championships (audc) in may. quick with the head and with the tongue wei!

other than being probably one of the most sporting people i know (he was the winning imcc for the m205 orientation) and also one of the smartest (i would never get into an intellectual debate with him, for fear of shame), prasad is also an extremely responsible individual who is passionate about everything he invests his time into...including his relationship with his friends.

despite his lack of facial hair, i have to say that prasad is still pretty darn hawt and truly deserves to be way up there with the talented bald men of the world.

chris, magni, move over!

oh wait, before i forget...he's *ahem* single.

*note: prasad did not pay me any money to do this post. it was entirely my idea. having said that, he now owes me lunch. bwahahaha.

lishun at 9:23 PM