Friday, September 15, 2006

csi guys


respi sucked. i have a mild fever. i'm a dork. he's a jock. my friday night plans were all scrapped. and i'm here blogging. about csi guys.

warrick brown - gary dourdan

green eyes. sigh. afro. sigh. super intelligent csi lab skills. sigh.

i love warrick. i love the sexual tension between him and catherine. i love csi. next!

greg sanders - eric szmanda

i strongly believe that sarcasm and witty one-liners are absolutely essential to any television show. greg is probably the character in csi: crime scene investigation, other than grissolm of course, who has the best lines. even when he was just a lab tech who made occassional hits on sara, he had me hooked.

wittiness. definitely right up there on the hot scale.

ryan wolfe - jonathan togo

no one can ever fully replace speed, my fave fave csi: miami character ever, but wolfe is doing a pretty good job.

plus he's also got the one-liner thing going on. and chocolate brown hair. yum.

danny messer - carmine giovinazzo

danny. almost a tanglewood. looks good in glasses. has an italian accent. very emotional. fiercely loyal. plays pranks on his colleagues. really smart. bad boy turned good.



ok. i need to sleep off my fever. nite.

lishun at 11:54 PM