Wednesday, September 06, 2006

too busy

sorry for the lack of updates. i know no one reads me enough to miss my musings, but hey, i like to think i actually have a readership. lol.

well, the reason why i've been away from the www for so long is because i've been too busy living.

i've been spending my time singing at the top of my lungs when i'm alone in my car. i've been studying at a pace i know is too slow (respi next fri, gah!) but i am comfortable with. i've been laughing in a more annoying manner and raising my eyebrows more when i talk. i've been dumping my notes to watch cute guys sweat it out on the basketball court. i've been fighting the urge to stop my car in the middle of the highway just so i can get a picture of the morning champagne sky. i've been figuring out a way to get to luna bar after church for a party. i've been grooving to the music on my mp3 player when i'm studying in the library.

i've just been feeling like i should break more rules, be hedonistic, step on the accelerator and scream my dreams out to no one from the top of a hill ala some corny japanese movie.

it's not often that i feel like this. most of the time, my life is bound by the expectations of other people and how they would feel about my actions. i go home early not because i want to, but because i know my parents would not be able to sleep until they hear my front door click closed. i don't go and support every game my batch in uni plays not because i don't want to, but because i don't want to lose the freedom i get in return for good grades.

but, these days, i just want to say, "screw you!" to every piece of responsible lishun there is in me and do exactly what makes me happy.

and blogging isn't really on that list at the moment.

so forgive me if you check this site every day to see if i've moved on from the after eight sale (any takers besides pwasad?) and leave disappointed that i did not blog about steve irwin (God bless his soul) or about orientation (*some* pics are up but i won't blog about it anytime soon) or even about the football and basketball matches that went on yesterday and today (2-2 and 40-27! woot!).

i'm just too busy living life outside the blogosphere.

lishun at 11:17 PM