Tuesday, September 12, 2006

random pre-respi thoughts

i never realised what an arrogant, rude and bitter person i must have been in secondary school. yesterday, while talking to a senior about a mutual friend, i found myself having nothing much nice to say about that person eventhough our post-secondary school "relationship" now is actually pretty okay albeit distant. then i thought about the many people i have no problem talking to now, but would never associate myself with in school.

in a way, it's great to know that i've managed to put high school behind me and am making some kind of progress in my resolve to not let first impressions deter me from getting to know people further. however, i just can't help but think about the many more people i would have known and had a better relationship with in school had i been less judgemental and more forgiving.


"you're the analyst, the fungus in my milk" - the greatest view (silverchair)
ok wait, who died and made fungus romantic?

"come on and we'll sing like we were free, push the pedal down watch the world around fly by us" - nothing left to lose (mat kearney)

"you're the only one who can get me on my feet and i can't even dance" - no tomorrow (orson)
i actually think that's a really sweet thing to say.

"he showed up all wet on the rainy front step, wearing shrapnel in his skin" - i don't wanna wait (paula cole)
somehow, the phrase "wearing shrapnel in his skin" caught my attention.


i hate that you're right, because you don't know me well enough to have the right to be right. and what makes it worse is that because you're right, now i feel even more sure that i'm right too eventhough there is no way for me to make it right simply because it's wrong. and stupid. and now i have nothing left to say.


tomorrow: 1030am - interview with cwl
thursday: 930pm - moonshine @ laundry bar, but i can't go because...
friday: 1030am - blardy respi ica
also on friday: 1pm - icecream party, 3pm - cheerleading for footie team, 4pm - netball practice, 7pm - cheerleading for girls bball, sometimeb4midnight - after 8 sale (if everything cool hasn't been snapped up already by then)



my priorities are not in line with my responsibilities. that kinda sucks.

lishun at 9:46 PM