Monday, October 23, 2006

legally hawt

i can't concentrate on my studies. i am watching too much daria on youtube. and i woke up this morning with a brainwave to do a shallow post on lawyers. so, um, here it is. heh.

commander harmon "harm" rabb - jag

harm is my absolute fave lawyer on the telly. ever. i used to watch jag just because i had a huge crush on him. lol. it must be the uniform or something, i dunno.

will froman - philly

will slept with one of the judges and then expected to be given special treatment because of that. righto. not the most ethical lawyer on telly (which tv lawyer's ethical anyway?), but a good one to drool at all the same. and yes, tom everett scott looks familiar because he played guy, the cool drummer dude, in "that thing you do".

billy alan thomas - ally mcbeal

he wasn't my fave character on "ally mcbeal" (ling woo *grwl* was) but he was probably the most sane person in cage, fish and associates. i adored the first love connection he had with ally. nauseatingly sweet. when billy died, i bawled my eyes out.

bobby donnell - the practice

gah. dylan mcdermott! 'nuff said.


i know. i'm getting lazy. so sue me! =P

lishun at 11:05 AM