Sunday, October 15, 2006

nett profit

as you know, i love taking photos. love it. i'm actually a very bad photographer (my sister can testify to that) but that's no longer an issue now that i have a digicam that allows me to take hundreds of photos at a time and grants me the power to delete any shots i dislike. and God bless photoshop, the most important invention to man since...since...sliced cheese.

vegans would disagree (and also suffer from vit B12 deficiency).

anyway, i decided to send some shots in for two photography competitions held in imu lately. imuers are nuts. there are people who literally have huge dslrs permanently stuck to their fingers (youknowwhoyouare) and these people produce really really cool pictures. but i sent in some pics anyway.

and guess what?

this baby won one of the 5 consolation prizes for the art competition!

i was elated, until i decided to sit down and calculate my actual winnings.

during the first photography competition, i submitted 5 shots. each photo costs RM3 to develop into 8R size. i didn't win anything the last time, so i ended up with a nett profit of -RM15.

this time around, still feeling the burn in my pocket, i decided to only submit three entries. that cost me RM9.

my consolation prize was worth RM25. so, after deducting the cost of developing all my competition entries, i have won a grand total of...



whoopee. -_-"

nevermind. at least can still buy me 2 evil money-suckers.


*edit: check this out. siapa nak pigi beritahu saya cepat!

lishun at 12:30 PM