Sunday, October 29, 2006


yesterday, ed lili deb and i met up at our favourite haunt in sunway pyramid - secret recipe - to celebrate edandlil's bdays. ok fine, we settled on secret recipe mainly because we're creatures of habit and not because we really like the place or whatever, but that's not the point of this post. (*edit: or is it?)


as i was pulling into the parking lot at pyramid, i received an sms from ed.

"i'm here already. just let me know when you guys are here"

so the moment i found a parking space, i texted ed back, asking where he was. didn't really need an answer because i bumped into him the moment i walked into the shopping complex. since we were about 30mins early, we decided to run a couple of errands and walk around a bit while waiting for debandlil to arrive and had a bit of a chat.

me: so will debandlil sms you when they get here? you sent them the same sms, right?
ed: err, well no. actually i only smsed you.
me: huh?
ed: you see, i kinda figured you'd be early and they'd be late. so i texted only you.
me: how did you know that i'd be early?
ed: you' can i put this in a good way? you're predictable.
me: ???
ed: i knew that wouldn't be a good way to put it.

good grief.

i'm...predictable. as in the synonym for all things dull, unexciting, not spontaneous, uninteresting, foreseeable.

ok fine, predictable also means being reliable, dependable and prepared; but when someone calls you "predictable", the first thing that comes to your mind is not all the positive aspects of it. the first thing that hits you is the horror of realising that people think you're, God forbid, boring.

this is terrible. as much as i enjoy the security in having a certain routine in my life, i welcome change once in a while. for example, i dislike the drone of an outing that consists of a-movie-lunch-and-window-shopping. i much prefer the unpredicatability of a trip like the one lili sueann and i went on last thursday - we went to the national art gallery (it was closed) and the petronas gallery (also closed) and the south china sea shipwreck antique pottery display at aquaria (open!).

ok fine we did end up window shopping, but what i enjoyed most about it was that nothing really went according to plan. we ended up camwhoring at the empty art gallery and making noise at the antique pottery display. when we went home, we missed the exit to the federal highway and ended up getting on the kesas highway. via the imu exit. funny.

unpredictability equals fun. being predictable means eventually blending into the grey background of everyone's lives, gradually losing one's identity and being very easily taken for granted.

i didn't really take offense at what edward said yesterday. in a way, he's right. i'm hardly ever late for anything, choosing instead to be early most of the time. it's actually kind of flattering that he remembers that i'm usually there before anyone else arrives.

it still makes me wonder though...if people think i'm predictable, does that mean i've already blended too much into the grey background?

lishun at 6:25 PM