Saturday, October 28, 2006

jealousy vs loyalty

a couple of months ago, my father got himself a swanky new phone and i blogged about this.

about three weeks ago, i took a picture of my "trusty 4-yr-old second hand nokia 8310, with a glitch in the lcd screen, that i bought with my own dough in singapore because i got my first phone stolen 3 months into the school year".

note that i named it "loyalty".

just last night, my mother interrupted my pseudo-studying to inform me that my father saw another swanky new phone, released early this year, that is now on sale for less than half its original retail price. apparently he fell in love with it but, having bought his new phone just two months ago, did not want to get it for himself.

so, he thought of me. but he's kinda reluctant about buying it for me because he thinks that i mistreat my belongings (i'm just a clumsy procrastinator, honest!). but he *might* get it for me anyway. but he's not sure yet. but he might.

and you know what the weird thing is? i'm not sure if i want it. lishun, you fickle creature.

lishun at 10:29 AM