Monday, October 23, 2006

mural mural on my wall

i've wanted to do this for a long, long time now.

i finally painted the miserable blank white wall behind my bed!

here's what my room looked like before:

if it weren't for the huge arse "memoirs of a geisha" movie poster kamigoroshi gave me, the wall would have been perfectly blank. and sad.

and here's what it looks like now:

it took me about 2 hours to get the whole thing done, from sketching the design on paper to putting the finishing touches on the wall. here's what i did:

the process

top (l-r):
1. i "borrowed" the design off (the designer of my blog template)
2. made a couple of changes, since i was only using two colours
3. transferred the design onto the wall
middle (l-r):
4. taped off some crucial areas
5. spray paint (because paint-in-cans were too expensive) and brushes
6. halfway there
bottom (l-r):
7. almost red-dy
8. the turquoise highlights
9. signing off!

i was very very apprehensive about painting the wall, despite wanting to do it for a long time. but i remembered what i said earlier about taking little steps and taking little risks, so decided to go ahead with it. having said that, it wasn't any less difficult applying that very first patch of paint on my wall. it was the point of no return.

things became much easier after that. i finished dinner in 5mins flat because i wanted so badly to complete the mural.

once i was done, i felt a sense of satisfaction i have never felt before.

my parents still don't know that i painted the mural. they know i was painting something and they know i was, um, "up to no good", but they still have no idea what i've done to my wall. i didn't let them know because i knew that they wouldn't approve of it and i would still be unhappy about my blank white wall.

anyway, even if they end up hating the design, they can't do anything about it, other than get me to paint it white again. which i would gladly do because least i did it.

am happy. =)

lishun at 9:11 PM