Sunday, December 28, 2008

it's the last part of my series of photographs that have never been posted on this blog or on facebook. i'm pretty tired. i won't be home for new year's day and i'm dreading going back for the continuation of my orthopaedics posting. sigh.

my darling meimei - may '08

my dog turned 12 this year. i don't think she'll live for much longer. =(

lady and i grow a year older - june '08

i spent my birthday with my non-medic life group this year. we hung out at midvalley, got cheated by burger king (miniature burgers i tell yah!) and almost got into trouble at the candy shop opposite bk. i went home with a bottle of perfume and a bag of dried kiwi. good schtuff!

campus weekend - june '08

since passion world tour whizzed into kl this year, my church didn't have the usual "dive in" camp. instead, we had campus weekend, where the campuses showcased what we each felt God was speaking to us about our respective universities.

eco film fest - october '08

joel's short was among the finalists for the eco film fest award, so 1am click went to lend him some support, snap some pics and warm our tummies with beef noodles in chinatown. haha. however, thanks to the presence of the best bazaar in the world, bijou bazaar, the girls ended up bargain hunting for most of the duration there. lol.


it's funny how 2008 hasn't been a great year for most people. such an "ong" number and yet we'll mostly remember it for the violence, disease and economic crisis. sigh.

anyway, regular blogging resumes tomorrow.

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