Wednesday, December 31, 2008

(un)happy new year

i drove home with the sunset tonight. the last strands of crimson melted into the grey blue sky as i navigated the highway, scooting out of the way of speeding vehicles with glaring headlights. i sighed while the sun sank between the mountains ahead of me. the next time i see its light, it'd be the beginning of a new year.

it was a last-minute decision to come home for the remaining hours of 2008. i had an evening of "house" episodes lined up, with the very narrow possibility of forming the skeletons of my case summaries. but a couple of phone calls convinced me that i should be back home to waste another perfectly good study day while everyone else recovers from their hangovers.

i feel a little sapped. it's been a very long year, yet i can hardly recollect where the time went. all i know is, it did and it has and i'm left feeling rather cheated.

for the first time, i am approaching a new year with apprehension. there will be no "to-do" lists, no resolutions to lose 10kg by summer, no optimistic hopes and wishes for the next 365 days.

just a feeling of loss, not unlike the one i experienced tonight as i watched the amber sky fade to black for the last time this year.

happy new year (tomorrow), everyone.

lishun at 8:58 PM