Friday, January 02, 2009


"speak softly, love, and hold me warm against your heart
i feel your words, the tender trembling moments start
we're in a world, our very own
sharing a love that only few have ever known

wine-coloured days warmed by the sun
deep velvet nights when we are one

speak softly, love, so no one hears us but the sky
the vows of love we make will live until we die
my life is yours, and all because
you came into my world with love, so softly, love"
- from "speak softly, love" (theme from mario puzo's the godfather)

i watched "the godfather" last night. it tops my list of movies to watch before i die ("citizen kane" and "schindler's list" make up the rest of the top 3) and i'm glad i've finally seen it.

i was a little distracted though, so i guess i may have missed some parts of the brilliant acting and witty dialogue (great excuse to watch it again!), but it didn't make the movie any less enjoyable.

this isn't going to be a movie review, simply because it's friday morning and i'm supposed to be in the wards but i'm not because i overslept (darn that snooze button!) and have to make a drive to port dickson in about 30mins. in these circumstances, there is no way i will be able to comment on themes and whatnot and talk about irony, juxtapositions, et cetera et cetera.


ok anyway, i spent new year's eve at dumc with a couple of friends. the next day, i ran some errands and bought a couple of things i needed and had lunch with my family, following which i had a lazy afternoon at a friend's house where we ate cupcakes and talked while the tv played random shows that we were only half-watching. lovely.

but now i'm back in seremban. and i have to go to pd now. oh wells.

lishun at 7:51 AM