Saturday, April 04, 2009

cinema solitado

just last thursday i told a friend of mine that there is one thing i'll never do - watch a movie alone. i can't bear not having anyone to talk to about the movie when it ends, i said. plus, it's kinda sad.

that was 2 days ago.

this morning, i watched "taken", starring the newly widower-ed liam neeson, all by myself.

it was an unusual experience. first of all, i joined the ridiculous queue in front of the box office (it was fricken 1030am!), only to have an announcement come in about being able to purchase tickets to the morning shows from the reservation counters once i reached the end of the line. bah.

once i bought the ticket (singular!), i got myself a small popcorn and entered the empty hall. to be honest, i was nervous about being alone in there. i sat through the trailers in solitude - i so wanna watch the transformers sequel now - and it wasn't until the opening credits that two guys and a girl (and a pizza place?) joined me in the dark.

the girl wasn't accompanied by anyone. i wonder if she got ditched by singapore too. hmm.

so yeah. i watched the movie alone.

it was odd to not be able to tell someone next to me that liam neeson's late wife natasha richardson died of an epidural haemorrhage and that the ems people should be shot for failing to recognise the possibility of an undiagnosed cranial bleed hence not ordering a ct brain straight away and that i absolutely loved liam neeson in "schindler's list" and i cried as he was escorted away in his car in the end and that the most disturbing thing about the movie was the part where the women bit their fingers so that they could smear blood on their sunken cheeks and lacklustre lips in order to appear healthy so they wouldn't be executed but instead allowed to continue working and that it's pretty cool that for once i am watching an action movie where the lead character is in his 50s but still very cool and i am glad there's no love interest but just a plain, ruthless, former g-man on a mission who does everything seamlessly well and good grief holly valance can't act.

*deep breath*

but it was all pretty refreshing in the end.

maybe i should start doing the things i said i wouldn't do: bungee jump/sky dive, climb another mountain, take a year off after graduation to do whatever, sing solo on stage (oh wait i've sung the national anthem, state song, school song and prefects' song before in school haha), eat fried insects, be a surgeon, get an ipod or anything made by apple, learn another musical instrument, write a letter to the editor, forgive myself.

i don't think i wanna watch a movie by myself again though. as much as it was an interesting experience, i still think it's kinda...sad. besides, i emerged from the cinema feeling like i was about to burst open with all the useless trivia and unsolicited opinions in me just waiting to be shared.

by the way, didn't you think that jean claude guy looked like kevin spacey? =)

lishun at 2:30 PM