Thursday, June 25, 2009

for the win

so ok fine the "revenge" part fell a little flat. since sam and michaela were already involved there wasn't much romantic anticipation. the comic relief from sam's room mate wasn't enough to make up for his annoying-ness. i missed some of the robots from the first movie. the unintentional tribute to indiana jones was rather amusing.

in the end the movie was, story-wise anyway, rather blah. and cliched. the script was lame. and i wanna strangle linkin park.


mr. fergilicious and optimus prime (oh that blue and red!) saved the day! as did the other robots, because they were very cool. more mid-air transformations this time. alot more noise. metal crashing! bwargggggggh!

i would watch this movie again if it weren't for the fact that it's so...darn...long. alot of the parts, especially the communication going on via radio, could have definitely been shortened or edited out. anyway. i'll watch it just for the occasional glimpses of josh duhamel and that breath-taking, surprisingly puny, last remaining prime.

sigh. almost enough to make me forget that tomorrow, i'll have to ask airasia for a refund. =(

p/s: did anyone else spot the malaysian airlines logo? hahahaha.

lishun at 9:58 PM