Wednesday, June 17, 2009

please care

ever since spending my electives with health equity initiatives in march, i've developed a newfound respect for people who spend their lives advocating human rights. it's often a thankless job and it's a life of persecution after persecution, one roadblock after another.

but when i read articles like this one by alice nah, or reports like the trafficking in persons report 2009, and stories of responses by our beloved appointed ministers like this one (he wants a bloody EXPLANATION?! hasn't he been listening?! obviously not!), i realise just how important it is to still have people who care enough to risk it all for the hope that vulnerable groups will no longer be exploited.

that they will one day cease to be vulnerable at all.

i still don't think it's my calling to do human rights' related work, but it's my responsibility as a person to give a damn about what's going on. it's your responsibility to care too. read them articles!

lishun at 8:25 PM