Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oh sadness

i had the itinerary all planned out.

i was supposed to arrive on saturday night, get some sleep at my cousin's place, wake up for sunday service at planetshakers church with some of my seniors, head over to the st kilda's beach sunday flea market, have lunch there, and then hang out with my cousin for whatever's left of the day.

for the rest of the week, i'll visit the salvador dali and jane austen exhibitions, go to all the museums in the city, get coffee and chocolate in between meals, check out the arts and music scene at fitzroy, take photographs of the gorgeous architecture there, finally enter the state library, rent a bike and take one of the bike trails featured online, join in the writers' festival, splurge on an italian meal at lygon st, try everything available at victoria market, explore the art-filled alleys, meet up with tonnes and tonnes of friends, buy old CDs at 10 dollars or less a pop, and maybe do a spot of shopping.

then i'll fly back home on a saturday night, arrive home early sunday morning, recuperate for 2 days, and be all refreshed and pumped up for a most certainly killer semester.

but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

i won't be doing all that.

because of that darned influenza A (h1n1) virus. that is mega infectious because that's what influenza viruses are - mega infectious. or they wouldn't have survived for so long! they infect people! they mutate! they become either more or less virulent than their predecessors! they marry with some other virus and wipe out the human race! i don't see what the big fuss is about! they're just doing their job!



i am going to mull over my decision for the rest of the week, but it looks like by friday, my parents will be rm900 poorer for no reason other than poor judgement and lots of bad luck.

oh melbourne melbourne. when will we meet again? =(


on a lighter note, a friend of mine told us a story about a patient she met during her general practice posting at a private clinic. after the consultation, the patient asked the doctor to tell her more about "the 'hini' virus that's in the news". hini. lol.


i'm still upset about probably not going to melbourne. =(

lishun at 6:44 PM