Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i hate hormones

so it's the week of my exam. the week before i have a week off. to (maybe) go to ipoh. to complete whatever transfer of books my dad wants me to do in conjunction with the minor renovation efforts going on in the house. to meet up with friends. to get into shape for the kl international marathon 10km event. to spend as much time as possible with the super cute member of my family that is my niece. to, i dunno, rest.

which means i should be studying my brains out in order to deserve that week of frivolity.

but noooooooooooooooooooooooo. here i am, writhing in pain because my damn prostaglandins decided to act up and loosen my sacroiliac joints today, causing unbearable back pain with radicular pain down my right lower limb. i've taken my nsaids this afternoon and there was some relief but now the pain's back. and i have a concurrent headache. and i can't sit long. and i feel groggy eventhough i pretty much slept through the entire afternoon.


i know my previous post was about being blessed and people who are blessed shouldn't complain like this but DAMN i would rather not have children than to go through this pain almost every damned month! every single health problem faced by women - osteoporosis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, breast cancer - has to do with the cyclical hormones in our bodies, which are required for reproduction.



this is far from the worst pain i've ever experienced - that title has to go to the horrific week-long torture i faced during paeds posting last year - but it's bad enough to force me out of this evening's class and abandon tonight's study quota.

i am going back to sleep. after popping them pills, that is. urgh. help. =(

lishun at 8:02 PM