Wednesday, September 20, 2006


bloggers' block. i am going to write noodle posts from now on because, well, things have been rather noodle-post-ish.

my flickr account has been maxed out. so no new photos till october!

the girls bagged the netball gold (whee!) and the boys played their hearts out but finished runners-up for basketball (sob).

haematology classes have started and i am dreading the lovely lectures on blood-related topics simply because they are so incredibly boring yet not easy to comprehend at all.

at the moment i am at a loss as to what to do in the mornings because my only options are to...

(a) study (eek!)
(b) kacau people studying (kesian sem5 msk!)
(c) kacau cheerleaders (mengada betul)
(d) laze at home (gah!)
(e) hang out in imu doing nothing (and end up practically living there anyway)

...not very attractive at all.

the only spot of reflection i've probably had in the last 5 days was when i was having supper with my friend lela after the bball match on monday night. we were just chilling, having a bit of a snack, when the name of an old friend from secondary school came up. no one was really nice to him then, mainly because he was a pretty needy person who kind of forced friendships on himself, hence pushing more people away.

i was one of those who were mean to him. when he called for no reason, i never stopped to chat with him. i guess others did that too and very soon we lost touch. i have no idea how he's doing now, although i have heard from some people that he's alright, but not particularly happy.

i know the world doesn't revolve around me and, more often than not, what i do has no impact on anyone whatsoever. like i mentioned in a previous post, it's egoistic to think that i have some kind of effect on other people's lives when in reality it's the way they deal with things and their own thoughts that change them.

however, i just can't help but think: would things have been better if i were nicer? if we were all nicer? and less judgemental?


anyway, there's a hip hop thingamajig at laundrybar@thecurve on saturday night, after futsal. anyone wants to go?

lishun at 8:48 AM