Wednesday, September 27, 2006

deja vu all over again

"when i was 8 years old, i had a crush on a classmate. his name was timothy and the reason i liked him was because he was the only boy in my class who was taller than me.

one day, when we had pe with mr. thomas, a stray tennis ball hit timothy right on the noggin. i felt so sorry for him that i gave him my last bar of chocolate before i alighted the bus we took home every day.

he never talked to me again."

- from "something" (tuesday, 3rd jan 2006)

you looked sad today - sad and distant, while you chided yourself for taking it all too seriously. you tried to be supportive, but the disappointment was unmistakable in your eyes. when your gaze met mine, you looked away and continued to seek solace in a proven friend. there wasn't space for a stranger like me.

i had a small piece of cadbury's with me later this evening and when i saw you, i thought of timothy and how it all went 13 years ago.

i know it was a long time ago and i should be wiser now. i know that this is all very juvenile and i am a pseudo-adult now. i wanted so badly to go downstairs, accidentally on purpose bump into you and maybe strike up a casual conversation that could end in me giving you a smile, saying "maybe you need some endorphins to cheer you up" and handing over that square of chocolate to you.

but i unwrapped the candy and popped it into my mouth.

lishun at 11:59 AM