Sunday, April 05, 2009

the best place

the best place to accidentally leave your headlights on for 5 hours and then freak out because the battery-operated car lock won't work, only to discover to your horror that it's not the keys that aren't working but your car battery that is fried... at church.

which has lots of super handy, helpful and handsome men who have jumper cables in their cars and even take the trouble to find someone to follow you back home to make sure your car doesn't die in the middle of the highway, on top of making sure that your assigned cargo for the night can get transport home safely so you wouldn't have to worry about them.

i really thank God that of all places for me to forget to turn my lights off for the first time in 5 years of driving, it was at a place where my spiritual family is there, ready to lend a hand.

thanks guys! =)

lishun at 7:57 PM