Monday, April 13, 2009

chuck makeovers

remember my victims? well, i've given them makeovers! =)

first, the pink low-cut sneakers.

after washing them and accidentally bleaching some of the colour off while attempting to clean the plastic edges, i went out to get art supplies. while looking at some lace i wanted to make into shoelaces, i noticed rows of chinese buttons and they were just too tempting to pass up.

i know, the stitches are lame. i didn't really have any ideas. on hindsight, the buttons should be placed a little more towards the heel and i could have done something more creative with the multi-coloured yarn. sigh.

ok now the high-tops.

i just finished these today. all i did was line the insides and the tongue with fabric from a 2nd hand blouse i scored from a bazaar for only 2 ringgit. there's still some material left to use as lining for a pouch (after i bunged a handphone pouch by making it too small for a handphone...bah), so i guess it was a good find!

i love bazaars. =)

they're obviously not perfect, but i love them! i just think there's something missing still. i'm not sure how else i can customise the outside of the chucks since i didn't do much with the exterior other than add that strip of fabric to the back. i think it's the black trim around the shoes...i think i should paint them red.

anyway, the pink pair of low-cut chucks are a tad too small for me. they're size 5 (american), which comes up to size 6.5 to 7 i think. i tried wearing them out one night and my feet suffered the whole time.

i am willing to let that pair go for 10 bucks to anyone who promises to take care of them, love them and treat them well. the 10 ringgit is just to make sure you're serious about wanting them and also to cover a super tiny fraction of the material and time i spent on them.

if there are no takers, i'll probably convert them into bookstands. lemme know!

lishun at 12:01 AM