Thursday, April 09, 2009


time is moving at a snail's pace this morning.

i slept for a total of 3hrs 45mins over the last 29hrs and there's prolly another 12 hours before my day is done. the emergency dept is agonisingly quiet at the moment. there aren't even cannulas to insert.

so far i've seen 3 people die and one person handed a death sentence after neurosurgeons decided it would be futile to treat the massive subarachnoid haemorrhage in his brain.

last night i asked one of the elective students from manipal whether it's true that muslims have to bury their dead before sunset. he told me that there's no hard and fast rule, but because they don't preserve the bodies, it would make sense to get the body below the ground as soon as possible to prevent the unpleasant effects of decomposition. we then talked a little about death rites and he expressed his concerns about how and when he would die in the future. i told him that there's no point worrying because in the end, only God knows the manner in which we will cease to live.


anyway, my vision is blurring and i am ridiculously sleepy. i should get back to the a&e just to see what's up. i doubt my friend's gonna be awake for lunch unless we eat at 1pm. i have no idea how i'll make it through the day.

lishun at 11:19 AM