Friday, June 26, 2009

on the bandwagon

i'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and blog about farrah fawcett (yes, she died too, in case you forgot) and michael jackson.

i'm too young to know farrah fawcett. i've never even watched any of the original charlie's angels shows until star world decided to have minisodes of old television series. she was from my father's generation and i'm sure if there's anyone who'll miss her, it'd be him. but she was an icon with iconic hair who was part of an iconic tv show, so i'm sure it'd be hard for anyone to forget her.

as for michael jackson, he is the closest star known to my generation to reach the status of elvis and the beatles. a living legend, until his death this morning. my mother once said that michael jackson is the personification of music - when he performed, there was no doubt that music made up the very matter of his skin, flesh and bones. i agree. it is hard to escape his influence. even the youngest musicians today can credit him for being an inspiration in one way or another. perhaps that's the best thing about him...he'll forever live on in the music of present and future generations of artists.

both farrah fawcett and michael jackson died after a long, public decline. she, of a physical illness and he, of...well, eccentricity. i wish it happened differently because now most will remember them as the shadow of who they once were.

but i choose to remember fawcett as she was in that famous picture of her in a red bathing suit, blonde hair billowing in the wind; and jackson as that smooth dancer on the path of lit panels denying any involvement in the conception of a child.

celebrity does not equate invincibility. today, we had two reminders of that truth.

lishun at 4:02 PM